Due to the booming art and culture industry in Dubai (thanks to Art Dubai and artwork Dubai), art consultancy Dubai is flourishing. Art consultants and hotel art consultants are in higher demand.

Art consultancy in Dubai can come in various forms – architecture & engineering, sculpture, printed arts, interior design and many more. Because of the unique architecture design in Dubai, most art consultancy agencies here are specializing in architecture & engineering. Examples of those agencies include Art Consultants Architect and Engineering, High Art for engineering consultancy and Sigma Art Engineering Consultancy. Most of these art consultancy agencies or firms are from the upper region of the Dubai creek.

One of the notable art consultancy firms in art selection of Dubai is Gulf Art Advisory. They were the first professional art consultant firm in UAE. They are experts in seeking for contemporary artworks (for intended clients) and selling them too. They also exclusively cater to personal requests where they will work with suitably skilled artists to produce the client’s ideal art piece.

Ophelia Art Consultancy is another notable art consultancy firm in Dubai. Not only do they provide art consultancy but also hotel artwork solutions, food & beverage artwork solutions and private residences artwork solutions. They work closely with interior designers, architects, project managers and private clients to provide the best in service. Some of their clients include the Marriot Courtyard Hotel and Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai.

Of course, some art galleries also have their own art consultancy services, such as the one in XVA art gallery. They provide expert consultancy and full project management for companies and individual requirements in art.  They specialize in all aspects of art installation arrangement, exhibition planning, art acquirement and collection management.

Art consultancy firms and agencies are believed to develop even more due to the growing attention of the art scene in Dubai.