You can hardly find someone who does not hear about the Harry Potter series. The movies in the series are simply magical that almost every moviegoer is fascinated with it. They find all of them really entertaining that even if a decade has passed already, they can still vividly recall most of the scenes.

However, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding this series and some of them are the following:

Not all students get their Hogwarts letter on their 11th birthday. One big example of this is Harry himself. However, if you watched the first movie, you will right away know the reason and that is because the couple whom he stayed with is trying to block the letters. But still in the end, Harry still got the letter though only days after his birthday.

The mascot of Ravenclaw is not a raven but an eagle. A lot of moviegoers assume though that because of the name Ravenclaw, the mascot is a raven but that is not the case. Again, it is an eagle.

Voldemort cannot feel love not because of a potion or anything else as what most fanatics believe. Instead, the reason is actually simpler and that is due to the fact that he is born from a loveless union and that he is never loved as a child. Had his father did not kill his mother when he was still a child, the story might be different.

There are still a lot of things that are just misconceptions in the harry potter series. People can just think other versions and maybe this is because they already miss the movies.

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