Everything You Want to Know about Hair Follicle Drug Test

A drug test is done globally for those who are applying about something like for a license, a job, and so on. This is actually done for a good cause as these prohibited drugs should not be taken by anyone unless medically.

There are a number of ways to do this and one way is through the hair follicle or what they called the hair follicle drug test. If you have taken these prohibited drugs at least 90 days before this test will be done, you will surely be caught and off you go whatever it is you are applying for.

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Before anything though here is an orientation about the hair follicle drug testing:

By using a small sample of your hair, whatever drugs you are using will be detected. Drugs that can be detected are cocaine, marijuana, opiates, and more.

The test will cover about 90 days though this is still susceptible to time differences depending on the growth of the hair of the one being tested.

All the hairs from the body can be tested for drugs and not just the ones from the head. The same process will be done. However, as the hair from the other parts of the body grows slower than that of the head, the coverage can run for a year prior to the testing day.

Hair follicle drug testing is more effective compared to urine testing, especially to low-level drug users, expect the marijuana. This has the same potency to the urine test.

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No matter how much you regret because of what you did, you can’t bring back the time. the best way to deal with the situation is to find a solution and next time, you should ponder deeper if taking the drugs is really worth it.