Tips in Making a Conversation with a Guy Lively

Do you want to also meet friends online? This is the solution for those people who are too shy to meet new acquaintances in their networks. You can practice online and who knows you might even meet your future partner here!

But the thing when you chat with strangers is there are so many options for both camps. It means you can easily change the person if the convo will become awkward. You don’t only have that option but the other party as well. So it goes without saying that if he finds you boring, he can just click the stop icon.

This is why it also pays to learn some tricks on how to make a convo with a guy interesting and lively. You can check out these tips:

  • Get to know him like his interests and so on. Guys will love it if you also show interest in him. Of course, you shouldn’t sound too patronizing as they feel awkward. Just be your usual self. And one more thing, you should listen when he talks so you won’t be asking the same question twice.
  • You can talk about current affairs but you should test the waters first as the topic might be boring. You can just be informative and let him open the topic first. This way you will be able to catch up whatever it is.
  • If you can’t keep up with him or you just have a mental block, you can find an alibi to get out of the convo for a while so you can compose yourself.

It is indeed fun to meet new friends through a random chat online. However, talking through a random cam is a two-way process. You also need to contribute something to make the convo interesting.