Before I start this review, I wanted to notify everybody that the Southeast is presently getting slammed by a group of thunderstorms which have been generating tornadoes.

It’ll be on a merchandise from the newest Yes!

Here is actually the Yes To Tomatoes Activated Charcoal Bar Soap also it can be seen at Walmart for about $3.73 (maybe, but I do not recall well).

I picked up this to give it a try because I’ve combination/oily facial skin. Not only did I use this in my head, but I tested it many times within my entire body.

It is a rare moment in which I wouldn’t praise a specific product because of its consequences on my body and face. With this item, this might need to be among these rare circumstances. I am sorry to say this soap didn’t do this well in my skin. The odor is fine; it is a small fresh scent to me personally.

My encounter was left dried tight and out with a squeaky clean texture. This isn’t something I need because I would prefer something which cleans my head nicely but leaves it supple. This bar did not do this and that I needed to rush and utilize my toner and facial moisturizer to return in shape.

In my entire body, the soap did marginally worse. I have a dry body and it had been dried out much more after usage of the soap. Additionally, I had been left with a soap scum in my own skin, but this was likely because of the hard water.

In general, I wouldn’t attempt this soap. I have the rest of it I’m thinking about throwing it in the garbage. Or using it on a few of my puppies. Or something…

That is all I must say regarding the soap! Until the next time and keep protected in the storms, everybody!