If you do not have any gathering crafts or professions, among the best warcraft gold farming solutions would be to acquire elemental part. These generally drop from elemental dinosaurs, may be fished from fish schools, gathered while mining or gathering herbs, or even skinned from several beasts.

But following the launching of Cataclysm, a few of these elemental components have diminished in value, but a few are still pretty much value to farm. Volatile components, of course, are highly priced because these are the maximum level, so before I will talk a little bit about Volatile components, I wish to review some of the other elemental components that still are precious.

World of Warcraft gold farming alternatives – Primals

A wonderful spot to farm Primal fire is in the Elemental Plateau in Nagrand. Or, it is possible to harvest Motes of Air in the gas clouds located throughout Nagrand.

World of Warcraft gold farming alternatives – Eternals

Not several of the Eternal components are valuable nowadays, exactly like the Primals. I collect Eternal Fire in the gas clouds in Sholazar Basin and by the Flame Revenants in Wintergrasp.

Many Volatiles are fairly expensive at the present time in wow private server. However, the costs for Volatile Water and Life appear to fall much faster than others. Volatile Air and Fire will remain highly priced for quite some time and it’s ideal to farm those. Volatile Air is available, of course, from any air elemental telescope located in the 80-85 zones. It may also mined, skinned or got while collecting herbs, when you’ve got the Electrostatic Condenser. Volatile Fire can be fished in the pools of fire which pop in any”lava lake” from the Cataclysm zones.

Now, in case you just have crafting professions, farming elementals components is a nice way to make a nice buck. These are used in several crafts and several players buy them whenever they have to craft something. Prices may differ from server to server, but those that I mentioned above generally stay high.

So, I hope you found useful what I have told you . Happy farming!